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Abner Clough 'A PRINCE BY NATURE' according to Samuel Butler; Chudleigh, 'absolute monarch among us.' E. C. Richards wrote from the Chathams: 'Abner stood 6 ft. 4 in. (that’s very big in metres!) and weighed some sixteen stone (that’s even more in kg); his black hair and beard, swarthy complexion, beetling eyebrows, erect bearing giving him a leonine and commanding appearance.'

Welcome to the Clough Dynasty

Whether you are trying to catch up with your second cousin or find out which famous battle were won by your ancestors this site will try to help you in all these endeavours and more.

Of course as you are part of a very large and spread out family your contribution to making this place more like home will be appreciated and your recommendations are most welcome.

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Over 200 hundred years of achievements