Home Internet and telephone service can now be provided directly from the power point

PowerLine Communications Technology (PLC)

Now you can use your existing AC power lines for broadband Internet access. It's called Power Line Communication (PLC), and Mitsubishi Electric technology makes it work. It's like having a pre-installed computer LAN (Local Area Network) in your home, one that's capable of providing broadband Internet access to every room with a standard electrical outlet

· No more cabling in house.

· Get more competitive services without having to go through your national telephone operator

· Great for alternative operators wishing to offer independent Internet and phone services

· In house PLC enables you to create your own home network. Your HIFI stereo can play Mp3 music off your  computer or your TV can communicate with you DVD and the speakers of your stereo without any additional wiring!

Low Voltage (240V) PLC FD repeater (for operator)

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Power Line Communication

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